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Galil Laboratories produces custom-made professional beauty products for quality care since 2007. Combining scientific knowledge and expertise with the natural resources of the Israeli Galilee, the company provides its clients with an overall solution, from defining the initial formula and deciding on the right materials, through innovative production methods and to Quality Assurance, branding, packaging and dispatch.

One of GL’s significant advantages is flexibly and adaptability to budgetary needs, providing the best product value and attaining optimal costs. This ability to “fine tune” labels to the customer needs while always adhering to quality and effectiveness has attracted many professionals to work with us and be a part of our team. The GL family is a mixture of highly trained chemists and technicians with bright marketers and solid management.

Major brands in the global Cosmetic Industry have chosen GL for their production, and most of our products are shipped to the European and North American markets. As a global player, we must ensure our products are in line with the international standards. We are ISO 22716/ Cosmetic GMP approved, which assures the quality of our production and very high standards in the entire process.


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